Organizers & Past Editions

Scientific and Organizing Committee

This edition’s organizers are Agueda Solis Alonso, Giovanni Barci, and Enrique Carreras, Ph.D. candidates for the Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate in Economics. Our Faculty Members will be present during the Workshop and will participate as discussants.

15th Edition – Keynote Lecturers

Professor Scott Cunningham (Baylor University) and Professor
Ugo Panizza
(Geneva Graduate Institute).

14th Edition – Keynote Lecturers

Professor Enrico Rettore ( University of Padova), Doctor Sylke Viola Schnepf (Joint Reseach Centre), Professor Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (Paris School of Economics)

13th Edition – Keynote Lecturers

Professor Ruben Durante (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Francesca Bettio (University of Siena)

12th Edition – Keynote Lecturers

Professor Joan Llull (UAB), Professor Paolo Ghirardato (University of Turin)

11th Edition – Keynote Lecturers

Professor Alessandra Casarico (Bocconi University), Professor Elena Stancanelli (Paris School of Economics)

10th Edition – Keynote Lecturers

Professor Pierre Dubois (Toulouse School of Economics), Professor Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi University)

9th Edition – Keynote Lecturer

Professor Fabien Postel-Vinay (University College London)

8th Edition – Keynote Lecturer

Professor Claudio Lucifora (Cattolica University)